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On the 14th and 15th November 2013 Nesta was holding a major international research conference on social innovation in east London. TwoPoints.Net was commissioned to design a visual identity for the event, called “Social Frontiers: The Next Edge of Social Innovation Research”. It was organized in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University and TEPSIE (an EU commissioned research collaborative on social innovation) with support from the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford, the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), The DESIS Network and The Rockefeller Foundation.


Client: Nesta, London
Year: 2013
Detail of programme

Visual Concept


After having read the abstracts of the research papers which have been sent to the organizers of the event we realized that they all tried to map out the future of social innovation research and as the name of the event suggests, their frontiers. It seemed only natural to take “Maps” as a starting point for the visual identity. We had to be careful not to become too literal and visualize geographic maps, because this is not what the event is about. Instead we tried to stay as abstract as possible, so the visual identity suggests mapping, but it doesn’t make you think just of a geographic map. We need to keep that balance. To us a contemporary visual identity isn’t a logo which explains what an event, company or institution is about, a contemporary visual identity creates a visual vocabulary that is able to adapt to the needs of visual communication. The visual concept of the visual identity should be strong enough to make each and every application a recognizable part of the whole visual identitiy without losing its flexibility. A visual system controls how the visual identity responds to different formats and media without losing its recognizability.

Smallest representation of the visual identity. The images have been used on the website of “Social Frontiers”, as well as on ballpoint pens which have been given away at the event.
Differents Posters
Lo Iacono developed an animation which was used to announce the event. The animation can be looped so we used it as well in the breaks between the lectures.
Wayfinding System