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LYNtalks are lectures organized in Aarhus and Copenhagen by LYNfabrikken. We took their name as a starting point for the visual identity of the 2012 edition of LYNtalks. Lyn Fabrikken is danish and means Lightning Factory. We built a set of different display elements that could be composed in different ways, always adapting themselves to the format, constructing lightning factories. 


Client: LYNfabrikken
Year: 2012
There were two double lectures. In order to distinguish one event from the other we changed the color and the shape of the Lightning Factory.
The programme was printed on the backside of the posters and with a cut in the middle the pages could be flipped like a normal brochure. The big advantage of printing posters and programme together was, A) we were able to print the poster with Pantone colors, if not it had to be digital printing because LYNfabrikken just needed a few for promotion. B) everyone getting the programme would get a free poster too!

Read more about the project in an interview LYNfabrikken did with us:


The 2012 edition of LYNtalks is coming up and we are so excited to finally be able to show you the stunning posters and programs we’ve had done for this year’s events. They are designed by Barcelona-based graphic design studio TwoPoints.Net – who have done an absolutely amazing job! We got to know Lupi and Martin, who make up TwoPoints.Net, when they spoke at our WE LOVE GRAPHIC DESIGNseminar last year, and we have been dying to work with them ever since. We know that extraordinary things go on in their creative minds, when working on a design like this, so we asked them a couple of questions about the LYNtalks-design and their process. What is your method for developing a graphic design like the one you’ve done for LYNtalks? What inspires you and how do you come up with ideas? Do you have notebooks full of ideas just waiting for the perfect project, or do you start with a clean slate everytime?


A little bit of both. We wouldn’t do what we do if we hadn’t had the experiences we had. We constantly learn and when we have to produce instead of consume, some of it comes out. Nevertheless the process is really important us. Without understanding the communication problem we wouldn’t know how to solve it. When we sat down to develop the concept for the LYNtalks 2012 we got inspired by the name LYNfabrikken, the lightning factory. We liked the metaphor of a factory which produces creativitiy and wanted to base the visual identity on it. Nowadays visual identities need to be flexible. They need to adapt to different formats, devices, contents and audiences. Therefore we developed a construction kit of different visual elements that could be assembled always in a different way. The flexibility of the concept seemed to be fitting very well with the flexibility of LYNfabrikken, which has always the same base in Aarhus but the location in Copenhagen is always different. We even would have liked to turn the illustration into real objects that could have been build out of wood and cardboard and be used on the day of the talks as a signage system.



Do you have any favorite elements or details in the LYNtalks-design?


We really like that poster and programme is printed on the same paper. On one side you got the programme and on the other you got the poster. Like that everybody that has the programme will be taking a poster home as well. Initially programmes and posters where two different objects and the posters weren’t supposed to be a give-away, but only be used for the campaign. But now you see, LYNfabrikken loves you and wants you to have an early Christmas gift.



You always do spectacular things with colours in your designs. What were your thoughts behind the choice and use of colours in the LYNtalk-designs?


The color combinations of LYNtalks 2012 are spectacular. We used Pantone colors to get excactly the colors we wanted. There is a little secret to reveal. We spotted the orange/pink color combination on a t-shirt of our youngest son David. It was such an uncommon combination of colors, but it worked so well that we thought one day we’ve got to use that color combination.