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Labels for ice cream tubs

La Yaya is the ice cream brand of Bacoa. Starting with only a few tastes, it is going being sold at the restaurants of Bacoa, but was designed to have the potential to be a brand on it’s own. Like Bacoa, La Yaya is inspired by typical spanish recipes, as Tarta Santiago, Flan or Churros con Chocolate. Starting point for the visual identity has been the packaging of traditional spanish sweets, like for example the wrapping paper for the Polvorones. Even though the typography and the colors are usually very basic, TwoPoints.Net developed a flexible visual system which allows the brand to grow.



Client: Bacoa
Year: 2013
Typeface: Tp Bar Paco
Logo. The visual concept called for an old-fashioned lettering. Drawing the logo ourselves gave us the opportunity to play with the sensation of creaminess in the letters.
Additionally to the typeface (TpBarPaco) we used for Bacoa, we developed a thinner Version. Like this we could create a connection to the brand Bacoa without losing the independency of the brand La Yaya.
Various lines created with the flexible visual system.
The flexible visual system is based on a hexagon. The hexagon can be filled by connecting various of it’s points. The repetition of the hexagon creates patterns or lines.
Logo Variations
Concept for walls for Flagstores
Flags to identify the brand within the burger bar Bacoa.
Icecream pack

The brand has been developed simultanously to the Interior Design of Bacoa. Knowing that both brands would need to co-exist, we created spaces where the brand of La Yaya would be communicated. As for example the glass box in the beginning of the bar which would contain empty ice cream tubs. The flags can been placed wherever they are most convenient, as for example on the tables or along the way of the queue.

Paper Bags
“La Yaya” is spanish and stands for “The Granny”. We thought it would be charming to introduce an illustrated grandmother for the campaign, without making her the logo. Even though the coloring was made on the computer, to maintain flexible if colors or sizes needed to be changed, it was important to us to create a warm and handmade feeling.