TwoPoints.Net | Folie à Plusieurs Parfums
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Folie À Plusieurs (Madness of Many) is a perfume company which creates in collaboration with prominent international artists and visionary perfumers exclusive fragrances. The general idea is if Lars Von Trier was to create a film in the medium of scent how would it smell? or imagine a novel by Haruki Murakami where the final chapter was a blank page with no words, and could only be read by your nose? Each olfactive project begins with an artists idea for an artwork (a film, literary piece, score, painting, performance art piece, et cetra), then the perfumer works in parallel with this artist to realize a fragrance that captures the experience or complements this art piece, so both the physical artwork and scent evolve together under one singular concept. TwoPoints.Net was asked to design a poster, which inspired a perfumer to create a fragrance. The poster was then printed on a paper, infused with this unique smell and exhibited at an exhibition.


Client: Folie À Plusieurs Parfums
Year: 2014