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Gold Rush is the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine. ESPN and ESPN W joined forces to publish an issue about the female athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang. TwoPoints.Net was commissioned to design the custom typeface of this issue, as well as a set of pictograms, illustrations and layouts. The biggest commission for TwoPoints.Net by ESPN so far. While the typefaces TwoPoints.Net developed for the NBA and NFL issue were extremely dark and bold, the typeface for the Winter Olympics issue is colorful and light.


Client: ESPN The Magazine
Art Direction: Eric Paul (ESPN)
Year: 2018

Apart from designing the typeface for the “Olympic Games” issue TwoPoints.Net made the “Gold Rush” illustration showing emblematic buildings of Pyeong Chang and pictograms of a couple of competitions.

TwoPoints.Net also designed pictograms of all the disciplines of the Winter Olympics.

The following spreads were designed by TwoPoints.Net and used by the ESPN design team as an inspiration to design the final pages.