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Through the design school Elisava we got the commision to renew the Interior Design of Esade Creapolis. The businessschool Esade created Creapolis to become a breeding ground for innovative start-up companies. The architecture of the building had long and monotone corridors. The lack of color even emphasized the monotony. Apart not being an inspiring environment it was difficult to orientate. There was no system that helped to find out where one was. Together with our students Yvette Larrañaga, Ainhoa Zabaleta and Gil Posner we developed a solution for that problem.


Client: Esade Creapolis
Year: 2011—2012
Photography: Adrià Goula
Color Scheme Module A
Color Scheme Module B
Color Scheme Module C

We solved the orientation problem with a color scheme that is divided in three sub-color schemes according to the three modules (A, B and C) of the building. Vertical color stripes break the monotony of the long corridors with form and color and give them liveliness. In order to make orientation easier we implemented typographic installations in different places of the building.

1st Floor, Module A
1st Floor, Module A
1st Floor, Module A
2nd Floor, Module A
Corridor of the first floor with modules A and B
1st Floor, Module B
2nd Floor, Module B
3rd Floor, Module C
3rd Floor, Module C
3rd Floor, Module C
3rd Floor, Module C