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After developing the new visual identity for the Barcelona burger bar Bacoa, TwoPoints.Net was commissioned to do the interior design for their new flagship restaurant. TwoPoints.Net directed a team of architects and furniture designers and did the graphic design of the restaurant.


Client: Bacoa
Year: 2013
Chair Design: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, London
Architecture: DLZ Studio, Barcelona
Photography: Pegenaute, Barcelona
Typeface: VLNL Tp Bar Paco

The location of the burger bar is very central. It is just in between Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Universitat, but still belongs to the Eixample, a district which was build at the end 19th century and the begining of the 20th century. All the flats, stores and restaurants in that district have a similar shape. They are not very wide, but very deep. This was a challenge. We had to think of a way to make the pedestrians stop and look inside. We tried to achieve this by using a lot of light sources at the end of the restaurant.

The area in the entrance is always open, even in winter. It is visually separated from the rest of the space through the custom made tiles on the floor. We were very careful in the use of the corporate colors. According to the visual identity “overbranding” would have been counterproductive. Now and then we let the corporate colors appear, but tried to lay a stronger focus on untreated materials, as wood or stone.

The appearance of the corporate colors on elements of the interior design, such as furniture, boards, frames, tiles, walls and printed elements, such as burger holder, napkins, doilies, pencils and order forms, create a formal consistency which makes the brand recognizable even if the logo isn’t visible.

For the wall on the left, we designed more than 30 different posters. Some are explaining how the sauces are made, some are announcing the special burgers of the month and some just have the function to reinforce the values of the brand.

Passing by the bar, on the right, opens up another room. We placed most of the light sources in this space to make it more visible from the entrance. On the wall we stencil-sprayed a friendly reminder with the corporate typeface that the customers are asked to throw away their trash before leaving.

Here you can see the corporate colors, red and blue, in their environment and beside the poster wall which was created especially for that restaurant, using the corporate font and colors.

This is the famous poster wall. This is a link to the Making-Of video. It was important to us that Bacoa doesn’t look like just another franchise. So we had to get our hands dirty and do something which looks handmade. We rented a small silkscreen atelier in the old town of Barcelona and silkscreened more than 200 posters, each one a little different, each one unique. Even hanging the posters on the wall had been a challenge. The painters which were hired to glue the posters on the wall had a hard time to hang up something slightly out of angle.