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Note: Due to copyright regulations, image material relating to Vodafone, Google and a stock image library had to be removed. These spaces have been left blank.

Munich-based brand agency KMS TEAM commissioned a visual system for their proposal on a brand strategy of the communication of Vodafone Germany. Examples of commercial ads for different products had to be developed.

TwoPoints.Net developed a flexible visual language as well as some concepts for possible applications. The graphics are controlled by a visual system based on illustrations.

This project was never realized, but KMS TEAM and TwoPoints.Net are nonetheless very enthusiastic about it and therefore do not want to hide it from the public.

Client: KMS TEAM
Year: 2009
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Shopwindow concept
Color scheme for graphic elements
The colors for group A and B is limited to the Vodafone red, white and a contrasting 50% cyan. Group C uses an extended color scheme to be able to react to the targetgroup of the fun-segment.
The graphic world consists of vector elements and photographic elements. The vector elements are divided in three groups:
A. Themes from nature, such as clouds, trees, rain and mountains.
B. Abstract elements, such as circles and triangles.
C. A "cloud" of differently sized and colored circles.
One can construct more graphic elements based on the basic elements, in order to express differently more specific contents.
The photographic elements are exempt from their background. There can be added a shadow or mirror with a 20% transparency.

This is a selection of some of the photographic elements.
The vector elements can be used in different ways:
A. They can be used as colored graphic objects.
B. They can serve as a mask for different photos.
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