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It was no surprise that Microsoft garnered the top spot in this survey, a result which was not met with much surprise from the experts. As a dynamic and well known company, it has a clear sense of direction and employees are granted a lot responsibility within their work. Managers are charismatic and help to define a very clear and strong work culture. Combined with great career advancement opportunities, the Microsoft environment comes out on top in terms of leadership, management, communication and salary.

Other high scoring companies have created a strong public image, recognized by their media presence and reputation.

One hundred and ten companies participated in a survey about readership workspace that was conducted by the Danish IT magazine "Version2". TwoPoints.Net was asked to illustrate the results of this survey.

Client: Mediahuset Ingeniøren
Year: 2007
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The bottom half of the survey results is populated by public and governmental entities, such as railways, the post , tax bureaus, among others.

The experts felt that this result was inaccurate given that such institutions often have the most complex challenges in terms of IT project that are by far very large and difficult. Coupled with the negative reputation of public bureaucracy and low salaries, these institutions are often highly scrutinized.

%%%%%The reason is that public management have a bad reputation, and that the salary is lower than in the private sector. They are the victim of political scrutiny, and the errors here are of greater public interest, so both politicians and journalist alike nourture on IT malfunction in public companies and the governmental administration.%%%%%%

A big reason is also bad management, the leadership here are poor due to their lack of ultimate power, as politicians share this responsability and power with them, this also means the the most talented leaders seek private employment to get bigger responsability, power and paycheck.

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