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Verb Crisis examines architectural solutions to the extraordinary conditions of an increasingly dense and interdependent world. It presents innovative projects and research through original photos, essays, and exclusive interviews with key figures from architecture and urban planning to environmental, economic, and global affairs. Confronted by shifting densities and uncharted urban transformations, Crisis tackles the conflict between the physical limits of architectural design and the demands on the practice for an updated social relevance. TwoPoints.Net designed not only the book, but a flexible visual system that they editors could easily work with, a quality that was a significant advantage in helping to communicate the complex layers of information.

"TwoPoints.Net met the challenge of providing not only a design scheme, but a comprehensive content-driven system for the complex and manifold book that is Verb Crisis. Their blueprint for Crisis was straightforward, clean and smart. More than designer-client relationship, ours was a truly collaborative effort that strengthened and expanded the project in ways we hadn’t expected."

Mario Ballesteros
Editor at Actar Publishers
Barcelona / New York

Client: Actar
Year: 2008
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The upper right corner of some pages contain references to other books, websites or other texts.
The textual "voiceovers" written by the editors are organized via a different typographical grid from that of the main article text. This sets the extra layer of information apart and provides a graphic system that accommodates all the different types of text.
(C) TwoPoints.Net, 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this project may be reproduced, used, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of TwoPoints.Net.