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Type Specimen

The TpMartini refers esthetically to typefaces drawn with a pointed nib as the Bodoni or Didot, but with the clear distinction that it is obviously constructed by modules.

The visual system for the TpMartin is based on a square 5x9-unit grid and three different basic forms with which the font and other elements are designed. The basic forms consist of a straight line and circles of two different sizes. The line can be extended, but the circles retain their related proportions.

TpMartini only has one weight, but it includes special characters and a real italic.

Year: 2008
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Type Specimen with some of the glyphs
The TpMartini was used for the visual idenity of "bambi/mint"
Lookbook by "bambi/bylaura"
Label by "bambi/bylaura"
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