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Postcard. We mark the three different languages used in the publications through color. Strawberryred is Catalan.

This exhibition "Souvenir. Martin Parr, photography and collecting" explores the work of Martin Parr as a prime illustration of the surprising relations between photography and collecting in the context of the touristic experience.

The show examines whether Parr’s photography seeks to intervene in reality at an analytical level or whether it consists in recording percussive images that are in general shocking, grotesque or outright kitsch, with a purely illustrative or aesthetic end.

The aim is to link photography and collecting in terms of their shared creative choice-appropriation, an act to which much contemporary artistic thinking has entrusted the creative-artistic phenomenon. The idea is to establish a dialogue between two realities (photography and collecting) that reveals their affinities and contradictions, and allows the spectator to decipher the motives, means and objectives of these two forms of artistic intervention.

TwoPoints.Net had to create a visual identity for the exhibition that would be respectful with the work and show both, photography and collected items. The most efficitient solution was to use a "invisible" typeface, the subtile gesture of piling up different pictures and a lot of white in the background, which gives the banners and poster a great visibility in the streets.

Client: CCCB
Year: 2012

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Postcard. Blue signalizes Spanish.
Postcard. Beige signalizes English.
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Banner facade
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