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Martin Lorenz published his series "Pairs" in the book "Emporio" by La Santa Cultura Visual - New Space of Experimentation and Creation Barcelona.

"In my personal work I mainly make collages. This gives me the opportunity to work intuitively with materials and fragments of photography or colours. Sometimes it feels as if the collage I am working on is trying to reach out to me, as if it wishes to be discovered by me. I find a piece of paper that interests me and that same paper is the starting point for a new collage. It tells me which colour follows or which image has to be added..."

The promotion of a wider notion of graphic design as a vehicle for the expression and communication of all identity and visual representation lies at the chore of the projects Martin Lorenz develops, both on an individual basis and on collective level as a member of the TwoPoints.Net.

In the series "Pairs", Lorenz cuts human figures out of magazines and the web, and introduces them against opaque backgrounds. In full random effervescence, he generates collages that preserve the cuts of their incorporated elements. In a second place, he recreates his characters by concealing/hiding parts of them, mainly the face and the hands, with colourful stains of various forms.

Lorenz's practice evokes with nostalgia not just the childhood games of cutting and pasting, but also the manual artisan graphic design of the past. Although many things seem to have changed today, in the era of computer manipulation, everything remains the same in its essence. By eliminating the face/fa├žade of the product "individual", the graphic element challanges longlived strategies in the construction of the collective ego. Likewise, it once more restores itself as a principal tool of visual activism and subversion.
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