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Artwork. Our work is a subjective reconstruction of Barcelona. A stylized illustration of the mountains to the northwest; towards the southeast sits the Mediterranean sea, the vibrant Old Town, and the grid of the Eixample neighborhood that buzzes with heavy traffic.

Page, the German design magazine, asked us to make an attempt at the impossible: Summarize the best of Barcelona in under 4000 characters. Wir werden mit Sicherheit unsere Tipps bald erweitern müssen.

In addition to our office, container Plus from London, Martin Svoboda of Funkfu from Prague, Kerstin Linder Meier of Univers poétiques from Paris, Andy Simionato of This Is A Magazine from Milan, Musa Collective from Lisbon and Erik Kessels of Kessel Kramer in Amsterdam, also participated in this project.
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It's great. It's annoying. Although Barcelona is a city with advantages and disadvantages, its city center remains manageable. Withing walking distance of our office, there is a kindergarten, a park, the sea, museums and galleries, restaurants, cafes and shops. The local culture fosters a high quality of life full of set menus that locals enjoy during their two hour lunch breaks. These breaks help fights stress, are healthy, and help encourage new social interactions.
creative neighbourhoods. In addition to the Ciutat Vella (Old Town), galleries, design offices and studios can be found in the Eixample, Gracia, Montjuïc or Poblenou. It's helpful to have an idea of where you to avoid getting lost! We recommend that all visitors spend a lot of time walking around the old town -- there is plenty to discover: The boutiques of young fashion designers; Galleries that double as popular bars; Cafes and restaurants that transform into impromptu concert venues.
Creative events. The Collegi Oficial Disseny Grafic Catalunya is the only official professional association for graphic designers. It organizes events and workshops and serves as a support organization for the graphic design community. The Barcelona Centre de Disseny, on the other hand, also sponsors events around other disciplines of design. Other organizations are the adg-fad and the Spanish Art Directors Club, which is located in an old monastery opposite of the MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary Art and are the organizers of the Premios Laus awards.
shopping. In Barcelona there are many chefs, especially those dedicated to chocolate! The best is in our opinion is Oriol Balaguer, who worked for many years with Ferran Adrià in the famous el Bulli restaurant. Each bonbon is a great experience and also serves as a souvenir. (In Germany there are few such sweets!) The colorful Xocoa Shops, Demasié, Papa Bubble or Happy Pills are also great stops for sweets. Excellent olive oil is sold atOro Liquido(Liquid Gold). Interesting for children and parents is the Imaginarium a shop designed by Keiichi Saro. Fantastik is a kind of bazaar for
curios. (And where we recently bought a beautifully designed mobile from Russia.) Magazines are available at Free Time on Rambla Catalunya 114, design and art books at Loring Art or Ras and near the MACBA, you can find the design gallery shop RAS, which is run by Actar Publishers.
museums and galleries. Iguapop, is a well known gallery that successfully represents young artists such as our friend Boris Hoppek. Not as well known, but definitely worth as visit is Miscelänea in the Raval district, which hosts art and design exhibitions, concerts, audio-visual events, a shop and a bar. Last but not least, the Rojo Artspace of the internationally renowned magazine.
cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs. Some recommendations are the organic vegetarian cafe Cereria, located at Baixada de Sant Miquel. (Check out its bohemian interior), the new-antique-style restaurant La Polpa that has a great all white interior, and bar Pilé 43, decorated with vintage and second hand items that are all for sale! Here you can buy everything, even the drinking glasses, so the bar is constantly changing. Find many more tips in our online links.
hotels. Recently, we invited the design duo Antoine + Manuel to visit from Paris and stay at the Casa Camper. They found the hotel very interesting, but commented that the bathroom was too small...
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