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Nearly 10 years ago we designed the visual identity and website for Largoland Music production, a company that composes music for commercials, cinema, television and television stations. It was time to design a new website that would meet the new possibilities, habits and technologies of today's internet.

We were most interested in the functionality of the site. It has a clear and simple structure. The videos are shown on the left and they can be chosen on right. There is a menu in the header that allows you to reorganize the videos by different categories which lets you access the other areas of the site.

The videos can be loaded from their own server or from Youtube. Like this, long loading times can be avoided. The movies are displayed on mobile devices, like iPhone or iPad, and can be seen in full screen. Under the movies you will find an alternative navigation that gives you the possibility to switch through the videos, post the video to a social network or buy if possible, the soundtrack in the iTunes music store or Amazon.

… but see for yourself: Largoland Musicproduction

The physical distance between Barcelona and Berlin was no problem at all. Thanks to the help of modern communication tools the teamwork was smooth and effective. Our wishes and ideas had been perfectly translated into an unique design. The final result has definitely exceeded our expectations.

Christoph & Steffen, Berlin 2011
Largoland Musicproduction

Client: Largoland Musicproduction
Year: 2011
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