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The british design magazine Creative Review asked five studios around the world to show where they work. Among them TwoPoints.Net.

Client: Creative Review
Year: 2009
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Text from the illustration. Starting in the upper left corner.

The TwoPoints.Net office is located in a building built by the famous Architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1922. Our favorite part is the ride up in the remarkable elevator with the leather bench.

All the walls of our main studio space are filled with these wooden bookshelves. They are very functional and serious-looking. If one day we give up design, we will just open up a legal firm.

This is the vestibule you first enter when you arrive at TwoPoints.Net. It isn’t nearly as empty as it looks in this illustration. Artist Miquel Planas designed a large white furniture element specially for us. We use it for document storage, as a work table, and also a mini photo studio.

This is where we work. With nothing else than our four powerful portable apples we make it all happen.

This is our conference room. It’s where all the money is made! Our table is made of thick wood, heavy enough to withstand the weight of all our gold bars. In addition, we use this room as a place to exhibit some of our work. Here, you will see a project we completed with Julien Arts, a poster we designed for the Palau de la Música Catalana, an illustration of Barcelona for Creators Magazine and an Origami bird for The One Weekend Book Series exhibition.

Yes. Sometimes it rains in Spain too.
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