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Banjo Music has created the music for commercials, cinema and television. Each piece of music is made exclusively for each project, which required flexible musical styles. Their corporate identity had to express this flexibility, but also have a firm visual language that ensures the recognition of the brand.

"Apart from being completely satisfied with the work of TwoPoints.Net, right after we launched our new corporate identity, we were offered the opportunity to compose the score for the 2008 Christmas advertising campaign for Freixenet, which has been our most important projects to date."

Anna Segura
Producer at Banjo Music

Client: Banjo Music
Year: 2008
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Visual system for the corporate identity

We devised a flexible system that creates a homogeneous visual language that is simultaneously able to accommodate and adapt itself to a great variety of very different applications.

Color System

The Corporate Communication colors are a pure white, a 90% black with two additional colors as their resultant overlay color.

The additional colors are:


Mint Green
Grid for elements

The grid, from which we derived the basic elements of the visual system, is based upon the construction of the the Roman Capitalis from 600 B.C., which was based on Etruscan and Greek letters and was reinterpretated by (for example) Albrecht Dürer in 1525, Greandjean de Fouchy in 1692, and Paul Renner with Futura in 1927.

We played with a design synonymous with musical notation: a system that can be as simple as a single note, or as complex as a symphony with both harmony and disharmony.
Corporate Typeface

Having used the grid of what was originally used to create a Roman typeface, we began by creating the corporate elements first and then the corporate typeface for Banjo Music. Since the design for a single typeface would not coincide with the design concept, we decided to make many different cuts of the same typeface.
Every year, limited edition showreels are to be produced. These editions do not always use the corporate color scheme. Here, this example is made of wood.
Injection molded, white plastic digipack
Poster with gold foil stamping
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